Not Getting Webhook Event

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Created a user-level OAuth app, and subscribed for webhook events and scopes in it. Using the link which was there in ‘Activation’ section, installed the app. Account for which this app was installed, used its access token and requested on our event endpoint URL (which we set for event endpoint URL while creating the app) as POST request, but not receiving any event.

Which App Type (OAuth / Chatbot / JWT / Webhook)?

Hi @Sneh,

Take a look at this troubleshooting doc for webhook events:

If the issue continues to persist, please email


Hi @gianni.zoom ,

The issue was still there and have already mailed this on and it’s been around two days but have not got any update till now. Can you please look into this?


Hi @Sneh,

It was the weekend and a holiday in the U.S. yesterday so someone will get to your ticket shortly.

Thanks for your patience and looking forward to helping!


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