Not receiving webhooks for presence_status_updated event

I have two apps, one OAuth and the other webhook only. Im trying to receive a webhook event when a user joins or leaves a meeting. I want to detect whether user is in a meeting. It doesn’t appear that joining a meeting is resulting in webhook firing an event.

Webhook event not firing when user joins or leaves meeting.

Which App Type (OAuth / Chatbot / JWT / Webhook)?
OAuth and webhook. tried both.

Which Endpoint/s?
presence_status_updated Webhook event

I can receive other events like ‘user started meting’ but ‘presence status updated’ never seems to fire. My understanding is that ‘presence status updated’ will be set to ‘in_meeting’ when user is in a meeting.

Hey @ostenrj,

Thanks for reaching out about this, and happy to help.

As a first step, can I ask if you’re not receiving webhooks for events under just one of your apps (i.e, not receiving webhooks for your OAuth app, but are receiving webhooks for your Webhook-Only app)?

Are you specifying the same endpoint for both of your apps, and does your endpoint return a 200OK response upon receiving Zoom payloads? Let me know when you have a chance.

In regards to our presence status updated webhook, you’re correct that this should be triggered if a user’s status changes.

As a next step, I’ve gone ahead and DM’d you for some account details so that I can take a look at each of your apps. Please reply back when you have a chance.


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