Not receiving zoom recording complete webhook

Not receiving zoom recording webhooks after fetching new acsess and refresh token.

Hi @sidharth1
Thanks for reaching out to us
Could you please share with me a meeting ID and the name of the app that you are using to receive events please

Hi there !
Hope your doing well. My name is waqar and I am using zoom from last 2 years. Zoom services are always amazing but Last week I was delivery a online lecture to my college on Do deer eat mums. I completed my lecture with recording and saved it. A few hours ago one of my student asked for recording I shocked to see my recording was missing. But it was not happened only one I face it in 2 time after. please help me how I can solve this issue?
Best regards : Waqar

Hey @waqarmirwaqarmir67
Did you try to download the recording via API? If not, please reach out to support here:

Hi @elisa.zoom the meeting_id is 86778814146 and I am using Exlyapp for zoom to get the recording webhooks from the meeting. It is also happening for other users also randomly.

Do you have the meeing uuid for the instance that did not get the recording.completed event? It looks like this is a recurrent meeting @sidharth1

@elisa.zoom meeting_uuid for the instance of meeting which did not get recording.completed event was TV2I3bcpSu6QpJnxkYHJSg== .

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@elisa.zoom any updates on this?

Hi there!
I will send you a private message with more details about this but I heard back from our team and it looks like we delivered all events to your endpoint