Zoom webhooks "meeting.recordingdone" not being received consistently even with correct validation

I’m having an issue where I am not receiving webhook events for some recordings. It doesn’t seem to be user specific because a user will have one meeting that works followed by one meeting that doesn’t. However, recently most meetings are failing to send any webhooks. this issue has started since the 10th of november

Hi Abdullah,
Hope so you’re doing well, particularly since November 10th. To troubleshoot this issue, consider checking if there have been any recent changes or updates to your Zoom API configuration, especially those related to webhook endpoints or recording settings. Verify that the affected meetings have the appropriate settings for webhook notifications. Additionally, review the Zoom status page for any ongoing incidents that might impact webhook delivery. If the problem persists, reaching out to Zoom support or developer forums could provide specific insights and assistance tailored to your integration and the current state of the Zoom platform.
Hope so this will work for you!
Bryce June

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