Not Visible Private and Public message or not showing sender and receive info on Chat Screen

In iOS, hosts/co-hosts in meetings are not able to distinguish a private message vs a public message on Chat window. This is new since the latest SDK, while in Meeting SDKs v 5.4 and 5.7 private and public info on chat screen are available. please hep if we are missing something. i thinks this is SDK related issue. please check and resolved the issue ASAP.

Hi @ashish.tiwari ,

Which version specifically are you referencing so we can further investigate? Is it iOS v5.11.10 and reproducible with the sample app? Can you please attach screenshots?

Thank you for sharing this with us.

Yes I am using meeting sdk 5.11.10. Please find the attached screenshot. There is neither privately info nor sender receiver info. screen shot

Hi Gianni,
I am using Meeting SDK ver 5.11.10. please check and solve the issue. There is neither privately info nor sender receiver info on Chat Screen. media is embedded in this chat. please check.screen shot

Hi @ashish.tiwari ,

Thank you for clarifying. Please create a support ticket labeling as a bug.

Include the meeting sdk version, screenshot you shared, meeting number and account number.


Hi Gianni,
here I am using Meeting Sdk Version 5.11.10, screenshot already shared in this thread, here Meeting id 87984679904 and account so please resolve the issue as soon as I am waiting here for you resolved feedback. also waiting to upload iOS build on Appstore. so I humbly request you please resolved this issue ASAP.

Hi Gianni,
why are you not responding. your / developer forum reply is very lazy. please solve the bug. I am stuck on this screen and waiting for your reply. also I am using your Paid SDK. please look it on high priority.

Gentle Reminder. please help to solve my issue.

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