Null Registrant ID For Participants Via Zoom API

I’ve encountered an issue with the GetAttendanceReportFromMeeting method, specifically regarding the registrant_id field being returned as null for participants.

Despite making the necessary API requests and handling pagination to gather participant data, the registrant_id field for participants is consistently null, which is causing discrepancies in our reports.
The specific API endpoint being used in the code is:
_config.ZoomApiUrl + “report/meetings/” + encodedMeetingId + “/participants?include_fields=registrant_id”
Could anyone please assist me in understanding why the registrant_id field might be null for participants fetched through the API? Have there been any recent changes or additional steps required to retrieve this information accurately? Any guidance or insights you could provide would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you.

Hi @zoom83
thanks for reaching out to us and welcome to our community, I am happy to help here!
The registrant_id will only return data if the participants were registered to the meeting and then joined the meeting logged into the account they used for registration.

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Hi Elisa,
Thank you for the clarification regarding registrant_id.
I have a follow-up question regarding the participant’s data retrieved from the API. In the retrieved JSON for the participant details, I noticed that the “user_email” field appears as “******” instead of displaying the actual user email address. However, the zoom report for this webinar exported from Zoom has the list of email addresses.

Response example:

  "participants": [
      "name": "",
      "user_email": "******",
      "join_time": "2023-10-31T15:45:20Z",
      "leave_time": "2023-10-31T17:06:37Z",
      "duration": 4877,
      "attentiveness_score": "",
      "failover": false,
      "status": "in_meeting",
      "customer_key": ""

Could you please explain why the email addresses appear masked in this manner in the API response?
Thank you once again for your ongoing support.

Hi @zoom83
Happy to help here again!
If the participants that are joining the meeting do not belong to your account and have not signed into their account to join the meeting, it is expected that you will not get the user_email back in your response (because they are joining as guests)