Number of Unique Inbound Calls


We’re trying to track and report on the number of unique inbound calls received by the sales team. The engineering team is currently pulling the data at a user level via the APIs. Below is an example snippet of the JSON data.

“completedCalls”: 24,
“completedInbound”: 18,
“completedOutbound”: 6,
“totalInbound”: 121,
“totalOutbound”: 11,
“calls”: [
“id”: “000d00d0-d00e-000e-be0b-0f00da0d0a0a”,
“caller_name”: "John Doe,
“callee_name”: “Jane Doe”,
“date_time”: “2023-08-07T21:04:01Z”,
“direction”: “inbound”,
“result”: “Answered by Other Member”
“id”: “0000000d-0000-00d0-a000-0ec0f0d00aa0”,
“caller_name”: “Jane Doe”,
“callee_name”: “John Doe”,
“date_time”: “2023-08-07T21:03:24Z”,
“direction”: “inbound”,
“result”: “No Answer”

When it’s pulled at the user level, it doesn’t seem possible to get an accurate number of unique inbound calls because it includes calls that come in through the call queue and answered by another user.
Is it possible to pull the inbound call data maybe at a call level so that we can identify the number of unique inbound calls?

Hi @cjw02
Have you been able to look into the Get user’s call logs endpoint to determine if this endpoint could be helpful for your use case: