Oauth API > wrong user asignment

Hey, I’m trying to configure 0auth Zoom App to connect with a wordpress event management plugin called “eventprime”. Connection’s more or less working, but we’ve got a strange problem. Eventprime uses wordpress user credentials to decide where to push information to (zoom user). Now I’m logged into wordpress with one user corresponding to user credentials in our zoom account. When data is pushed over zoom API app transfer is successful BUT information is placed in meeting-dashboard of another registred zoom user. How is that possible?!

Hi @lena.mueller
Thanks for reaching out to the Zoom Developer forum and welcome to our community!
As we are not the developer of the “eventprime” plugin, we are not able to troubleshoot or provide a solution for this.
Please, reach out to their Support team so they can help you debug this issue and if there is anything else you need from us let us know