OAUTH App - Account level or User level app to collect participant data


We are creating an app to collect event data like participant joined/left, screen shared etc. One thing we noticed is that the host of the meeting has to install our app for us to collect data for the participants. So, should we use Account level or User level app?

@isha.snehil If you’d like individual users to be able to install your Oauth App, you would need a user-level app.

Can I get a meeting join/left, screenshare event of users if its Account level app?

@isha.snehil yes, the event subscriptions can be added under the Feature sidebar menu in our app marketplace.

If I create an account level app and add a meeting join/left event from Features sidebar menu, will I get events for all users under that account?

Also, the meeting join/left webhook has a user id so for my app to identify that user, I will have to map Zoom’s user id to my internal id of the user. How can I do that at the user level?

@isha.snehil when you are creating your event subscriptions in the marketplace, you should see an “Event notification receiver” where you can select all users in the account.

I’m not entirely sure I understand the question but in my opinion the best way to track users throughout meetings is to utilize registration. With registration, the participants email should show up via webhooks and various apis.

Hey Brandon,

Here is the scenario we are trying to capture:

  1. When a participant joins and leaves a meeting using the following webhook: ZOOM LINK

I have 2 questions related to this:

  1. Can we use an Account level app to capture data for all members?
  2. In the Zoom link above, it says the host has to be part of our app. Does it apply to Account level apps?

In this case, do users still have to do oauth?


@isha.snehil you definitely can use an account level app to capture data for all members. Account level apps are added and managed by account admins. So if I was the account admin of my Zoom account and I wanted to utilize your marketplace application, I could add your integration into my account and you would have access to the users of my account. User level apps are added by individual users through an OAuth handshake. User-level apps only get access to the specific user that installed your integration, as opposed to account-level which gets access to the entire account’s users.

For the webhook you linked: The meeting host must be a user in your account or a user in any other accounts that have installed your webhook-enabled app.

So as long as your customers/audience install your marketplace application which has webhooks enabled, you should be good!