Oauth App - Integration with Bookly plug-in

Not a developer, but am working to integrate the Bookly calendar plugin with my Zoom app using the OAuth 2 authentication protocol, now that JWT is being deprecated.

I have followed the plug-in developer’s instructions (https://support.booking-wp-plugin.com/hc/en-us/articles/360013355499) to create the app in Zoom and integrate it with Bookly.

I am getting confirmation within the plug-in that it believes it has successfully integrated (it will fail without proper credentials, but has successfully done so with the correct ones):

In my Manage interface, however, the App says “ready to install” and not “activated.”

I have filled out everything that is seemingly required. I have added descriptions to all the information fields (even those that are optional) and do not require any other features to be enabled. Checkmarks do not appear for either Information or Features, but do for App Credentials and Scopes.

There is an “Add” button active under Activation. Clicking this successfully brings me to the Online Meetings setup in the plug-in itself, but still does not reflect as activated in the Zoom marketplace.

Trying to create a meeting results in no online meeting being created. There is no link created in Bookly, and no meeting created in Zoom, despite the plug-in believing it is successfully connected to the Zoom app. As well, there is no error message in my Wordpress server logs.

Please advise.

Thank you,
Mark Mullaly

Hello, @mark.mullaly are you receiving any Zoom Related Errors, if not I would confirm with that with their support team if the configuration on Zooms Sign has been completed correctly.

Regards, Kwaku