OAuth application without public URL

We want to integrate Zoom (using OAuth app) into a medical image viewer. This is a web application installed on premise in hospitals, and the URLs are only reachable inside each hospital network.

Is it possible to publish private OAuth app using internal URL, not accessible on the internet?

I have been experimenting with unpublished app, and my understanding is that to work with other accounts the application has to be published, but it is not clear how this can be done without a public URL.
Also we don’t need the app to be visible on the marketplace.


Hi @zhekab,

Thanks for reaching out about this.

At this time, if you wish to share your OAuth app outside of your account, it’s required to go through our app submission process, and your app would need to be published on our Marketplace. It’s not currently possible to share a private app in the way that you’ve described.

Having said that, I can definitely appreciate your use case and understand how it could be helpful to have something in between private and public—I’ll be happy to share this feedback with my team.

Let me know if this helps or if you still have questions,

Thanks Will,
Just to clarify: in our scenario the sharing part would be handled by our application. Its seems like what we need is a private Oauth app (like unpublished app) which is allowed to work with other user accounts. Please put this request on our behalf to your team.

I am working for Hyland Software, in NilRead image viewer team: https://www.hyland.com/en/healthcare/enterprise-imaging/nilread

I have another related question: I tried to create another Oauth app using my work credentials (evgeny.boguslavsky@hyland.com). I don’t have permissions to submit this app for review, the message says: “For submitting the app, developer privilege is required. Please contact your account admin”. Whom exactly should I contact to get developer permissions on this account?


Hey @zhekab,

Thanks for clarifying.

If you need to share a private app outside of your account, you can submit a request for a Publishable URL from our team by following these steps.

In regards to submitting an app for review, you will need your account owner to grant you the necessary privileges from their User Management dashboard. You will need the developer and marketplace privileges granted to you.

I hope this helps!

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