OAuth or JWT or both for embedding meetings in own website

Hi there,

My goal is to embed a zoom meeting or webinar on my own website.
It should be displayed inside the browser without asking for the meeting ID and/or the password.
In this case, I just know the meeting ID and the password, but I´m not the zoom account owner.

The question is now if I need the OAUth or JWT authentication and if I need this authentication only for my account or also for the account of the meeting owner.

The meeting/webinar should not be created within my website, it is ok if I do this with the official zoom client.
The documentation says:

Note : JWT may only be used for internal applications and processes. All apps created for third-party usage must use our OAuth app type.

What exactly means “internal applications and processes”?

Thanks in advance.

Hey @MZL ,

Checkout my post here and let me know if this helps explain the Web SDK + OAuth limitations:


Hi tommy,

thanks. Now, everything is clear.
In my case, I just need the owner of the meeting start the meeting with the zoom app.
After that, all participants can join the meeting on my website with my web embedded zoom with my JWT credentials.

Hey @MZL,

That’s correct! I’m glad to hear that @tommy answered your question! Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you encounter any further issues or questions.


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