OAuth server to server & recordings api

We are trying to migrate away from JWT app to the OAuth server to server app.

We are making a request to get the list of recordings we have inside of our account. In order to do so we are using the following api endpoint and also we are using an oauth token for authorization. When we make a call using the oauth token the response payload does not contain a download_url per recording file while we have it when we make a call to the same api endpoint using a jwt token.
We have checked the scopes on the OAuth app and the recordings scope is checked.

OAuth approach returns: missing download url for recordings

“recording_files”: [
“id”: “…0”,
“meeting_id”: “…=”,
“recording_start”: “…”,
“recording_end”: “…”,
“file_type”: “”,
“file_extension”: “”,
“file_size”: 0,
“status”: “processing”

while the JWT approach returns the recordings with the download url:

“recording_files”: [
“id”: “3…”,
“meeting_id”: “…==”,
“recording_start”: “…”,
“recording_end”: “…”,
“file_type”: “M4A”,
“file_extension”: “M4A”,
“file_size”: 3390825,
“play_url”: “https://…zoom.us/rec/play/…”,
*** “download_url”: “https://…zoom.us/rec/download/…”,***
“status”: “completed”,
“recording_type”: “audio_only”

How To Reproduce
Create an OAuth server to server app and make calls to the recordings api.

Hello there @sandor.antal!

I had the same issue just exactly as you’ve described, for me the answer was to use the solution provided by @elisa.zoom here:

And that was it.


Rodrigo RZ