OAuth server-to-server returning only "scope": "meeting:read:admin"

API Endpoint(s) and/or Zoom API Event(s)

I have set up my app to have scopes to allow read-write on meetings, recordings, and user accounts. My account is our admin account.
When I use Postman to request an access token, the token is returned successfully, but only includes the "scope": "meeting:read:admin"

Hi @Hakkarainen ,

Did you add “scope”: “meeting:read:admin” before creating your access token and then added the other ones afterward?

Additionally, are you able to successfully make requests to the endpoints that require those scopes?

No. I followed the steps and created the scopes after creating the access token. I need to be able obtain a list of users so that I can find all meetings and recordings for everyone.

Please answer the following.

Additionally if you’re not able to access the endpoints, re-authorize your app, generate a new token and then try querying those endpoints again.

I am able to use endpoints that require meeting:read:admin, but not other endpoints. As noted earlier, the call to get the access token (https://zoom.us/oauth/token?grant_type=account_credentials&account_id={{Account_ID}}) returns only meeting:read:admin even though I have specified other scopes and not meeting:read:admin

Additionally, I did reauthorize the app and even regenerated the Client Secret. Still no joy, just "scope": "meeting:read:admin"

I wish that I was confident in what I did to make it work, but now it does. I am getting the right scopes and can get the information from the endpoints that I need.
My apologies for the false alarms. I’m now going to eat pudding.

Okay I’m glad it’s resolved @Hakkarainen !