Server-to-server OAuth app, access to all meetings in organization


I’m using Server-to-Server OAuth app to retrieve meeting details within the organization, but
I have noticed that even though I have “meeting:read:admin” “meeting:master” and “dashboard_meetings:read:admin” scopes enabled, the application doesn’t have access to any meetings except the ones I create with the same user the app was created for.

So the question is - is there a way to elevate app permissions somehow, so it has access to all meetings in the organization (like if it would require more scopes, additional admin consent, elevated account permissions, or maybe the app should be created on behalf of the org admin), or maybe the meetings should be set up in a specific way to become visible?

Thank you

@maksym.rossiitsev are you saying that you’ve selected those scopes in your app, but it still doesnt return the necessary meeting details? if yes, can i ask you to open a ticket with developer support, so that they can investigate if its a bug?

@ojus.zoom I mean that the meeting details are there, but only for the meeting created by me.

So my question is: Do I understand it correctly, that “meeting:read:admin” (as well as other :admin scopes) is supposed to give an application global read access, so all meetings within the organization are visible? (not only ones created by my user)
Or does the application must be created by the organization administrator account for it to be able to read all meetings in the given organization?

Thank you

@ojus.zoom any help with this or advice would be greatly appreciated,

Thank you!

I believe – and I may be wrong – that your access to assets (meetings or otherwise) is constrained by your account’s access. And the chosen scopes will limit/define your interaction with those assets, by way of the API.

So, if your user is not an account admin, I would think that you would only have access to meetings that you created or were invited to. And then the chosen scopes define what you can access/control with respect to those meetings.