On-demand webinars registration

I’ve developed a service to show On Demand Webinars. I want the user to register themselves and immediately receive an email that allows them to immediately view the webinar recording.

It doesn’t seem to be straightforward. It seems that you need to register the user for the ‘Recording’ associated with the On Demand webinar. I can do this via the /meetings/{meetingId}/recordings/registrants endpoint. However, the user doesn’t receive an email, which they would if I registered them against the webinar itself.

If I use the API to register the user for the on demand webinar, they get the email, but it says that they can’t view the webinar until the future date has been reached.

Any suggestions on getting this to work is appreciated!

Has anyone used the API to register user onto an on-demand webinar and the user received a link to watch it?

Hi @pmoran,

Can you please clarify the details of when the user is getting an email so I can better understand the API behavior? For example, when it says “until the future date has been reached”, this is for a webinar that has not been recorded yet that you’re trying to pre-register them to view?

Hi @gianni.zoom, thanks for responding! The ultimate requirement is that the user would be able to register for the on-demand webinar and immediately be able to watch the recording. How could I accomplish it via the api?

I’ve tried all sorts of things to see if I could get that to work including creating an on-demand webinar with a future date. I only tried it because the api call at least sent a confirmation email to the user. However, as the requirement above states, the user needs to be able to watch it right after they register.

Hi @pmoran ,

The user should be able to watch the recording immediately after being registered via API provided they have access to the recording info (link, password). What are you observing?

If I register the user to see the recording ie /meetings/{recording}/recordings/registrants

I get a 201 Created response with the “share_url” attribute. I don’t get an email though, but maybe we can do without. If I take the share_url and open it on an incognito tab in Chrome, it opens the recording.

Curiously, I get the registration page again, even though I’ve registered the user. See the screenshot. Does the url expire after you use it the first time?


It does not expire! You can use the url for other registrants :slight_smile: