onCloudRecording not triggering in advanced sample zoom app

Hello! I’m currently making a zoom app using the advanced zoom app as the foundation. I am trying to trigger the onCloudRecording event, and I’ve made sure to add it to the Zoom App SDK on my project, but it still isn’t triggering. Here is what my configureSdk() function looks like:

async function configureSdk() {
  // to account for the 2 hour timeout for config
  const configTimer = setTimeout(() => {
    setCounter(counter + 1);
  }, 120 * 60 * 1000);

  try {
    // Configure the JS SDK, required to call JS APIs in the Zoom App
    // These items must be selected in the Features -> Zoom App SDK -> Add APIs tool in Marketplace
    const configResponse = await zoomSdk.config({
      capabilities: [
        // apis demoed in the buttons
        ...apis.map((api) => api.name), // IMPORTANT

        // demo events

        // connect api and event

        // in-client api and event
      version: "0.16.0",

In that same useEffect() function, I added the driver code for the event, which looked like:

    zoomSdk.onCloudRecording((data) => {

I tried the same thing for onActiveSpeakerChange() and it worked perfectly fine. Is there any additional steps I need to take to make sure the API is being called correctly and is set up? Thanks.