One click Join webinar


We need to have clarity on the following things

  1. To join a webinar, the user needs to enter his name and email address. But our app has a user name and email address. Do Zoom provides a way to bypass the entering of name and email to join the webinar and instead use the name and email from our app? We need a URL, on click of it the user can directly join the webinar without entering any details.

  2. We need only a Zoom video player so that we can integrate it within our platform. Does Zoom provide an embeddable HTML code for the player which we can integrate into our app or web?

  3. To auto-register a user into the webinar, Zoom provides an API to create and submit the registration of a user for a webinar. But there is a rate limit of 10 requests per minute. How can we increase that limit? Is any sample code available to demonstrate it?