WebSDK: multiple unauthenticated users joining single Zoom meeting using single JWT credential

I’m trying to use WebSDK with multiple users using a single JWT App credentials (and calculated signature). But when the second user enters the meeting with the WebSDK, the first one automatically receives “already in a meeting” as if they were logging in twice though I used distinct email and user name values.

My question is: is it possible to have multiple unauthenticated users connecting to a single WebSDK meeting using signatures calculated from a single JWT App credential?

Please note that we just want to join the meeting, not create it as host: a completely distinct Zoom-authenticated user will create and host the meeting using other means.

Resources: I found these resources in the forum but they did not respond nor mention the blank screen issue:

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Hi @romulo,

Thanks for reaching out about this, and good question.

First, I should clarify that you only need 1 set of JWT credentials from your account to authenticate your Web SDK signatures for joining and starting meetings.

In your signature, you should be dynamically updating the join method and user ID. Can you share a copy of the signatures that you’re using for each user when you get this error? I’m happy to take a closer look!


I can’t seem to find a way to specify the User ID in the signature.

My code looks something like this (NodeJS):

const signature = Buffer.from(`${apiKey}.${meetingNumber}.${timestamp}.${role}.${hash}`).toString('base64')

How can I add User ID information?

Hi @romulo,

Good question, and apologies for any confusion. To clarify, you do not pass the user info in the signature directly, but it’s interpreted based on the Meeting ID and JWT credentials you’re using, when starting the meeting.

If you’re trying to start a meeting, you will need to pass role 1 and the meeting ID should belong to a host under the same account as your JWT credentials.

Let me know if this helps,

So if I understood correctly I cannot connect multiple users at the same time to one or more meetings using one single JWT credential.
In other words: I may have multiple users within my account but they won’t be able to join a meeting concurrently using WebSDK if I use the single JWT credential from the my account.

Is that correct?

Hi @romulo,

As long as each meeting has a unique host user, you can start meetings concurrently using our Web SDK.

So, if you want to host two different meetings using the Web SDK, host 1 can start Meeting X while host 2 can start Meeting Y. You would use different signatures and open these meetings in separate windows. The SDK signatures for each of these meetings would contain the same JWT credentials, but the Meeting ID would be different.

Let me know if this helps to clarify. Thanks!

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