OnePlus + GCam 2x Zoom Question

Hello, I’m using a OP Nord which has a 48MP main cam, pixel-binning to 12MP.

When using 2x Zoom in the Stock App, I get a 12MP photo which uses the full 48MP and crops 12MP out of it (to get a “real” 2x Zoom).

What happens, if I use GCam with 2x Zoom? GCam can’t access the full 48MP AFAIK. Will it instead use a normal 12MP pixel-binned image and just upscale it digitally afterwards?

If so, wouldn’t the 2X image in GCam be much worse than from the Stock App?

Hey @larkiawara7,

Thank you for reaching out to the Zoom Developer Forum. I’ll start by saying that as this forum is dedicated to Zoom Meetings Web Client SDK your question falls outside the scope of our support.

However, I happen to be familiar with this topic so I’ll do my best to help out. First, you’re correct in that GCam is limited to 12MP output.

When you digitally zoom in with your 48MP main shooter, my understanding is that it crops in on the 48MP image to 12MP and then digitally zooms in the extra 2X. Although, I’m not positive what scaling it processing it applies here.

Ultimately, my only experience with this behavior is with a OnePlus 6T on Android 10 which is prior to many of the restrictions that were put in place. One of the experts in the matter, Celso Azevedo, wrote up a great post about this:

If you want confirmation on how GCam handles this, they might be able to advise. I would perform some testing on your end to see if you can confirm the behavior. If not, you can reach out them via their contact form here.

I hope that helps! Happy Modding!


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