Add Meeting Registrants

Hi @tommy I’m trying to create a meeting by adding authorized users with gmails by using adding registrants to that meeting.

so after create and adding registrant to that meeting unauthorized gmail account owners also can join to the meeting with the join url or meeting id and password.

is there any way to prevent that issue?

Request body
(topic=Information and Technologies, type=8, start_time=2021-05-02T22:14:59.675:00Z, duration=720, timezone=null, password=5402,
settings=(host_video=true, participant_video=false, cn_meeting=false, in_meeting=false,
join_before_host=false, mute_upon_entry=true, watermark=false, use_pmi=false, approval_type=0, audio=voip, auto_recording=none, enforce_login=false, enforce_login_domains=, alternative_hosts=, close_registration=false, registrants_confirmation_email=true, waiting_room=false, global_dial_in_countries=null, registrants_email_notification=false, meeting_authentication=true, allow_multiple_devices=false, registration_type=2),

also have disable PMI for meetings. can you give some reason for this? Thanks

Hi @trainer1,

Thanks for reaching out about this.

While there’s not a way to prevent users from sharing their unique join_url, even if they’re registered, another option you might consider would be to utilize Authentication Profiles for your meetings:
Authentication Profiles for meetings and webinars – Zoom Help Center.

This allows you to restrict meeting participants and webinar attendees to logged-in users only and even further restrict it to Zoom users whose email address uses a certain domain.

Let me know if this might help,

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