Restricting who can join a meeting

I’d like to be able to schedule meetings that only allow specific email addresses.  I saw the document that covers restricting who can join a meeting to email address domains (, but I’d like to be more specific.  This article means that anyone with an email can join, correct?  I’d like to be able to set a list of specific email addresses.  Is that possible?


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Hi Kevin, 

Currently our APIs does not have the type of capabilities to restrict to only certain emails. Right now the best way is to manually approve users. I’ll reach out to the Engineers to see if we can put this on our roadmap for a future release. 


Hi Kevin, 

I’m followed up with our Engineers. The only way to block certain emails from the same domain is to give out passwords to the email you want to join the meeting. 



Is there an update to this now?

Can we have the ability to add specific emails to the ‘Required authenticated users’ option and not have domains only?

It’s a feature that would be well received by everyone.

Thank you

Hey @technowhizz,

You can add specific emails using meeting registration:


This is actually good. I am interested with this one also. The problem is that, this is done manually, right?

Currently, we are using Zoom for virtual classroom (licensed version) and a teacher will have more or less 200 students because he/she handles several sections. This will be problematic on the side of the teacher.

Why not just develop the one that is being asked above? Just develop an API where admins can create Zoom meetings with specific users registered automatically by the admin. The admin can simply type the email addresses of those who will be joining a specific zoom meeting.

Thanks, hoping that this will be addressed as soon as possible.

Hey @recto.jay,

We do already have the endpoint you are talking about. You can use the Add Meeting Registrant API to submit a name and email to get a unique join_url.


Thanks, I’ll check this.

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Happy to help! :slight_smile:


In a recurring Webinar with people joining through a unique join_url generated with the API what is the best way to invalidate or block people once their subscription is expired ?
Cancelling a registration only works for one Webinar and does not prevent using the join_url in future Webinar events.
Also there is no way to kick out users from a live Webinar through the API. That would be very useful.
In general, the API lacks in access control management for those of us who sell access to recurring webinars.

Hey @sylvaint,

Can you clarify what you mean by subscription expired? Are you referring to a Zoom license or something else? If you wish to cancel someone’s registration, you can use our Update Meeting Registrant API:

In terms of removing participants from a live webinar, you’re correct in that this can’t be managed via API. I can, however, appreciate the use case and am happy to share this feedback.


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Thanks Will.
I am talking about a Webinar so Update Webinar Registrant API:

But currently this API call is not working as noted in a few topics elsewhere.
The call returns a 204 status which is supposed to be success but the registrant status is not updated.

Issue solved. Thank you Will.
Recurring webinars require the occurrence_id parameter for the Update Webinar Registrant Status API call.

Thanks for confirming, @sylvaint. Glad I could help clarify.

Hello everyone,
I am trying to restrict some users in my domain to access the zoom meeting. However, It should go by domain. in such a case, it will restrict everyone. Is there a way to whitelist users or block users?


Welcome to the Developer Forum and that you for our question. Correct, you can restrict some users in our domain from accessing the Zoom meeting. In order to do so, you will have to block users authenticated with a specific domain then allow certain participant(s) matching the blocked domain to bypass the restriction by having the host add them as an authentication exception for the meeting or webinar.

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I hope this helps to answer clarify.