Only host in the room, open the camera in error

when the only one host in the room, and then open the camera, some mistakes have shown


Which version?

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  4. See error

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Hey @hsuCheng,

Are you using the Local implementation or the CDN implementation?

If you are using the Local implementation please make sure the required Web SDK files are accessible as stated here:

If that does not help you, please provide steps to reproduce the issue and a GitHub repo with the issue so we can debug locally.


Thanks Tommy;
i used the Local implementation, i coped the node_moudles/@zoomus/websdk/dist/lib to the devServe directory.
i am so sorry that i can’t push the code to the github repo because of the company’s code protection agreement and complex login verify steps.

Hey @hsuCheng,

Thank you for providing additional information. As I understand that you aren’t able to share code that you’re working on, would you be able to share a Github repo with a basic implementation as an example page that exhibits the issue? we could use this to troubleshoot further.


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Hi one of our team member also encounter this issue, he is using an iMac, it’s fine on his macbook air, it does not depends as the only person in the room thoug


Hey @developer-whova,

Are you able to provide the version of the Web SDK that you’re using as well as steps to reproduce your issue?


1.8.3 is the version of the WebSDK

Hey @developer-whova,

Thank you for the update. Just to confirm, this is happening when you attempt to enable your camera in the meeting video settings?


yes that video icon next to the audio, the normal one to enable the camera

Hi There,

Exact the same message and problem here.

When an user is already joined (from windows) and its not an empty room then its all fine.

When no user is joined then we get the error after enabling the webcam. But we only get this error when joining from Mac (safari and chrome). From windows it’s al fine…

We are also using the 1.8.3 CDN version.

Hey @m.pijnen @developer-whova @hsuCheng,

Thank you for providing additional information. I’ve used this to reach out to our Engineering team in regard to this matter. As soon as I hear back from them, I’ll be sure to update you here with the next steps. (CS-2660)


Hi Max,

Thanks for your reply. If you need an login or additional information for testing purpose te replicate the problem do not hesitate to send me an pm.



Hey @m.pijnen,

Thank you for that, Maico. I’ll keep you posted!


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