OnMeetingStatusChanged 1467


I am using Zoom Meeting SDK for Windows to create my app. But when I launch the C++ program, I get the following:
SDK Initialized.
CreateNetworkConnectionHelper created.
NetworkConnectionHandler registered. Detecting proxy. onProxyDetectComplete
AuthService created.
AuthServiceEventListener added. eyJhbGciOiJIUzI1NiIsInR5cCI6IkpXVCJ9.eyJhcHBLZXkiOiJpc1ZUWHZaQVNhZWhTZFZEalgzOHlRIiwic2RrS2V5IjoiaXNWVFh2WkFTYWVoU2RWRGpYMzh5USIsImlhdCI6MTcxOTQwOTYxMywiZXhwIjoxNzE5NDEzNTEzLCJ0b2tlbkV4cCI6MTcxOTQxMzUxMywibW4iOjk4OTg1MzMzMTMsInJvbGUiOjF9.rUkVaWXK03VbK4YUFe1EFZMW7lMYwGT2U8Ghl2QfTbI Auth call started, auth in progress.
Auth succeeded: JWT.
onLoginReturnWithReason: 0
MeetingService created.
Joining Meeting…
onMeetingStatusChanged: 1, iResult: 0 onMeetingStatusChanged: 6, iResult: 63 onMeetingStatusChanged: 4, iResult: 0 onMeetingStatusChanged: 7, iResult: 0

I’ve generated the JWT using my own key and secret. Also, I use my personal room number in accordance with my development account. I’ve checked the error code, but it seems unreasonable to me because the meeting room is open and the passcode is correct.

Can anyone help me out? It’d be appreciated.



9898533313 is my personal meeting number. I used it for all my demos.
Try changing it to your meeting number, it should work.


do change these in the config.txt

Thanks for answering. I wonder where I can change the token, since I’ve put my meeting rrom and sdk_jwt in the config.json under the directory.

OK. I find it. We should set isJWTWebService = false. Thanks for helping,