onMobileRTCAuthReturn never be called in RectNative project

In my React Native project, I integrate Zoom SDK. After I call [[[MobileRTC sharedRTC] getAuthService] sdkAuth], SDK never call back onMobileRTCAuthReturn function. So I never know the whether it’s successful or not.
But the same SDK is integrated into Object-C project, it work well.

Which version?

Hi guan_bj,

Thanks for the post. Did you include the MobileRTCAuthDelegate in your header file and assign delegate? Our SDK does not support React Native, if it is working with the native project, it might be related to the SDK is not supporting the framework itself.

Hope this helps. Thanks!

Hi Carson
I am sure I set MobileRTCAuthDelegate. the same code works well if the project is base Objective-c.

Hi guan_bj,

Thanks for the reply. Yes, it might caused by the iOS SDK is not supporting React Native. Currently we do not have a React Native SDK, I will forward this to the engineering team to discuss this.