MobileRTCAuthService not responding


Hi, we have an Ionic/cordova app for ios.

we are using Zoom for meetings in our websites, while one of the website has the functionality to create meeting. And now we are trying to implement zoom functionality only for joining meetings in our app.

To implement it we need to create a plugin to integrate with angular.

For the record, I’m not an ios programmer.

When I call [authService sdkAuth]

with empty  clientKey and  clientSecret the callback function  onMobileRTCAuthReturn getting called while the returnValue is error. (a good sign)

The problem I have is that when i’m calling [authService sdkAuth] while my 

clientKey and  clientSecret are initiated with real values, the callback function 

onMobileRTCAuthReturn not getting executed.

Any ideas what should i do?

Do you know about any zoom cordova plugin that might exist somewhere?


Have you set the domain before calling “sdkAuth”? BTW, suggest that you refer to our MobileRTCSample, which will make you understand clearly our iOS mobileRTC how to work.




I’ve set the domain, same problem.

Also, downloaded the sample app that works fine with our zoom parameters.

I think that I’m skipping some phase.

my code looks something like this:

if (authService){

            authService.delegate = self;

            [authService logoutRTC];

            authService.clientKey = MyKey;

            authService.clientSecret = MyClientSecret;


            [authService sdkAuth];


        MobileRTCMeetingService *ms = [[MobileRTC sharedRTC] getMeetingService];

        if (ms){…

Am I missing something between the sdkAuth and _MobileRTCMeetingService _initialization?


Have you met this issue with our MobileRTCSample? You can try this case in sample project at first, I think that it will make you understand how MobileRTC to work easier.




Yes I did.

the sample works fine without changing anything.

But when I add the method (void)sdkAuth in  AppDelegate.m

 the lines  in bold:


- (void)sdkAuth



    MobileRTCAuthService *authService = [[MobileRTC sharedRTC] getAuthService];

    if (authService)


        authService.delegate = self;


        [authService logoutRTC];


        authService.clientKey = @“clientKey”;

        authService.clientSecret = @“clientSecret”;


        [authService sdkAuth];

        // Trying to initiate MobileRTCMeetingService right after authentication.

        MobileRTCMeetingService *ms = [[MobileRTC sharedRTC] getMeetingService];

        if (ms) {




the ms will be nil, and I think it’s because I have to wait for the callback method  onMobileRTCAuthReturn to be executed and that the  returnValue will be  MobileRTCAuthError_Success.

the original code works fine because the initiating of  MobileRTCMeetingService is executed after

pressing Join a Meeting button.

Am i correct?

If so, how do the sample app achieve this “waiting” in the original code? 

Thank you very much!!



You cannot get the instance of meeting service before SDK auth successfully. Our mobileRTC just can be useful after SDK auth successfully.


What I mean is that you just can get instance of meeting service after you received callback method "

  • (void)onMobileRTCAuthReturn:(MobileRTCAuthError)returnValue



Thanks, my problem was that i used a background thread what caused the callback not to execute. Don’t really know why but now it works.

Thank u very much!!




Sorry, MobileRTC does not support to handle callback functions in another thread except main thread.