onMyAudioSourceTypeChanged is not being triggered

I am using example2 from Zoom Android SDK.
MyMeetingActivity.java file extends InMeetingServiceListener, and I have the method onMyAudioSourceTypeChanged implemented as mandatory part of implementing the listner.

Additional context : I have custom Imagebutton which toggles the user’s AudioSourceType using “switchAudioSource()”, and based on “getCurrentAudioSourceType()” I am setting the ImageButton icon and it is working perfectly.

However, let’s say I am on Wired headphones, and when I connect it, the audioSource is switching automatically as expected. But when I am attempting to change the button icon, “onMyAudioSourceTypeChanged()” callback does not get triggered.

Sample :

public void onMyAudioSourceTypeChanged(int i) {
Log.e(“AudioSourceTypeChanged”,"Source " + i);

I am not seeing expected output as it seems like the callback is not being triggered.

Which version?
Need help to determine this. But I know for a fact this is the version update right after Encryptions were updated and we were forced to upgrade the SDK

Hi @chaitanya.joshi95, thanks for the post.

I have not been able to reproduce this behavior. Each time I plug in or unplug my headphones while in the meeting, this callback is being triggered.

Are you sure that you have subscribed the listener correctly? Has your device joined audio in the meeting you are seeing this in?