onUserAudioStatusChange appears to use wrong userIDs


The latest mac SDK appears to have introduced a major bug whereby the onUserAudioStatusChange callback’s ZoomSDKUserAudioStatus array seems to be reporting incorrect userIDs - the userID reported by the audioStatusChange appears to be the same as that reported everywhere else (such as onUserJoin) plus two

This was not the case in earlier versions of the mac SDK but I hear was the case in earlier windows versions.

Can this be fixed urgently please?


On Windows I am seeing the same behavior with the spotlit user list ids. They are two off from the expected ID.

Hi @richard1 and @liminal_andy,

The behavior you are seeing on both macOS and Windows was caused by the same underlying issue. It has already been resolved, but the fix for this has only been deployed via hotfix release for Android and iOS. The next release will include the fix for macOS and Windows.


Any update on this - there was a new release yesterday but it doesn’t appear to have fixed the issue…

Hi @richard1,

We are aware of a couple of fixes deployed in the 5.7.6 release which do not seem to be working correctly. We are actively looking into this and will keep you updated as soon as we have any new information.


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Hi @liminal_andy and @richard1,

While looking into this issue, we determined that it has been resolved as of v5.7.6.1337. My suspicion is that the fix for this was accidentally included in a later release than intended. I’ve done a bit of testing and can no longer reproduce it under any circumstances, so let me know if you are still running into any issues after updating to the latest version.