`onUserUpdate` in-meeting event triggers when anyone raises hand

The onUserUpdate event which can be listened to via the .inMeetingServiceListener() function is triggered when anyone in the meeting raises their hand. Currently there is no way to know what the user update actually did. The callback data is simply a user object. This does not contain any information about raised hand.

Edit: The event is also fired when someone starts or stops screen sharing.

Which Web Meeting SDK version?

Device (please complete the following information):

  • Device: MacBook Air M1 2020
  • OS: macOS 14.0
  • Browser: Arc (basically Chrome)
  • Browser Version: 1.13.1 (42579)
  • Chromium Engine Version: 118.0.5993.88

Additional context
I have also seen this issue in the Edge browser. It’s likely a miss in the Zoom event code logic, firing an event without giving a cue as to what the event performed.

Sure, one might figure out if the participant changed name, unmuted, became co-host etc by comparing it to the attendees list, but that means you have to get that list on every user update event.

Still, this does not affect the fact that the onUserUpdate triggers when someone raises/lowers their hand or starts/stops screen sharing, which the event has no information about.

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