Open Zoom Desktop Client from Web Page

Is it possible for me to open the Zoom desktop client from a web page?

I know zoom does something similar: From the “join a meeting” page, you are able to launch the application and directly join a meeting. I just want to open the zoom application from a button on my website.

I may have gotten it.

I grabbed the url from the “If nothing prompts from browser, click here to launch the meeting…” on the “Launching” web page after creating a new meeting. I chopped off the query parameters, just leaving the custom url protocol, domain, and path.

Here’s an example:
<a href="zoommtg://">Open Zoom</a>

Hi @dylanglandry,

Yes your on the right path, here is a blog for more details on how to use our URL schemes[1].


Let us know if you have any other questions.