Operation timer (json) does not send commands to devices

I am having an issue with operation_timer_started. I can create controls for meeting start/stop and mic mute with no issue but when I try to control devices using the operation timer it does not work.
The following commands do not happen at the beginning or end of operation time. I have adjusted operation time in the portal but never see these events execute. Am I missing something?

“operation_time_started”: [
“operation_time_ended”: [

The same commands work fine for other events.

“meeting_started”: [
“meeting_ended”: [

No error just no results

How To Reproduce
Steps to reproduce the behavior:
Copy json script into Room Controls Profile. Monitor IP address of device. Wait for operation timer to start/end.

Hi @ibeyer ,

I see you commented on this thread: Zoom Room controls: 'operation_time_started' and 'operation_time_ended' rules ignored - #21 by ibeyer

I’ve reached out to an SME for ZRC and have also reached out to support to re-open your support ticket and get help here. Please await an update.

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