Our OAuth application is not display under CREATED APPS

Our Zoom app (Atlas Governance - ID 4AJMkrenR32P86AfnjHWng on the store) remained untouched on the Zoom Marketplace for the past 3 years, since it have been sent for approval. Now Zoom is demanding a Techincal Due Dilligence with a very short deadline and we are unable to follow the instructions because the app have disappeared from “CREATED APPS”.

This is the published app URL: https://marketplace.zoom.us/apps/4AJMkrenR32P86AfnjHWng

We have tried to find the app in various ways, checked other admins on our company accounts and we were not able to find it.

The app is not present on account PERSONAL APP MANAGEMENT> Created Apps Apps. But is possible to see it on ADMIN APP MANAGEMENT > “Apps on Account”, it says the App Owner (ID 4AJMkrenR32P86AfnjHWng) is this one that i’m using to open this Topic.

However, it also is not present on PERSONAL APP MANAGEMENT> Created Apps list in this account

I have screenshots and more evidences if you need.

We need to access it in order to answer security questions to comply with the Vendor Technical Due Diligence (TDD) requested by zoom.

Hi @leonardobag
I believe I have replied to you in another thread but I will start looking into this issue.

Thank you Elisa.
The name of the App is “Atlas Governance”

Hi @leonardobag
Have you made any changes to your account?
Changing email addresses or transferring the app from one user to another?

Hi Elisa,
It is possible but we do not have track of any kind of changes after the publish, or maybe could have been done by some other administrator for our company account.

However, I’m in touch with all other users and administrators in our Zoom company account and can arrange to have access to any account to reach the app configuration.

Anyways, is there a way to solve this?

Hi @leonardobag
Could you please reach out to our support team and report this issue:

Please submit a ticket - Product Type: Developer, Issue Type: App Submission

Hi Elisa,

Sorry if i didn’t understand correctly, but in order to open a Ticket there it is asking me to purchase a Premier Developer Support Plan, which costs at least $675 per month.

I think that not being able to see my app under CREATED APPS is a bug and something essential to any user that publishes apps into Zoom Marketplace, and this kind of support plan seems to be destinated to companies that have several needs to understand the Zoom API during the development, for Developer enablement, etc, not to solve essential stuff like this.

As I mentioned in the previous messages, we would not even need to change anything in our published app if Zoom was not asking us to update security questions in order to do the Technical Due Dilligence, so we basically need to get through this because you guys are demanding us to.

I have seen users in this forum previously reporting that the same occurs in their accounts so it seems to be a recurrent issue/bug, and some also have been guided to send emails to developersupport@zoom.us, but have not no further feedback on how they solved the issue.

Also, it is important to mention that I was redirected here to open a ticket on this forum as suggested by Jodie Vasquez (C) in a response to a ticket we opened (request number #16381166).

I would really appreciate if you guys could help us to find a way to sort this out because we have a deadline with Zoom Apps Security Review team and the effects of having our app removed from the Zoom Marketplace, and consequently not having access to Zoom API, would be catastrophic to our business.

Thanks in advance,

Hi @leonardobag
Sorry for the misunderstanding here and I understand what you are saying about this being an issue on our end and not needing to purchase a Premier Developer Support plan, even though you should be able to create tickets with support through this link without having to pay for Premier Developer Support plans.
(I apologize, I shared the wrong link in my previous message)

I will personally take it from here and support you to restore access to your application.
I will send you a private message to follow up with more details.

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