Can't find my Oauth App in created apps list after account consolidation

Hello Team

I was asked to perform account consolidation by zoom while logging in to the account
After the step, I am not able to find the following Zoom Oauth App (that I built) in the “Created Apps” List on the “Manage” page. It says “You have not built any apps” although I am the admin of the app if you could check app ownership details

Eightfold Scheduling App - App Marketplace

Please fix this issue asap and reassign the app back to me. As we need to urgently configure the app to fix an issue occurring to users of this app on our site.


Hi @schedulingadmin ,

We cannot verify your identity through the forum so please submit a support ticket about your missing app:

Please include:

  • app name
  • account id
  • production client id of app
  • email of app owner (I recommend opening the support ticket with that email)
  • screenshots of what you’re seeing
  • link to this post


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