Pardot Zoom integration: Absentee list in Pardot not matching Zoom absentee list

I am a Pardot and Zoom admin. I managed to Enable Webinar Registrations from Pardot and Setting Up Pardot Lists to Sync with Zoom Webinars.

The Absent list in Pardot does not reflect the actual number of absentees from Zoom after the webinar has finished

Which App?
Pardot - Zoom

Hi @gilberto.charpentier,

Thanks for reaching out about this—to clarify, are you comparing the number of absentees states in Pardot with something you’re seeing in the Zoom UI or from attendance you took manually?

Is it possible to share an example Webinar or screenshot so that we can see what you’re seeing?

Let me know—thanks!

Thanks, Will and apologies for the delay. My user exported webinar users from zoom as a report and compared with the number of attendees we got from zoom API in Pardot.

  • List item
    Webinar ID: 943 7971 9573

  • List item
    Pardot attendee list


Let me know if you have further questions.


Hi @gilberto.charpentier,

Thanks for clarifying. Can you confirm which API you called, and the field/number you’re using to compare against? This will help to take a closer look.


Hi all,

We are having this issue too. The number of users in the Pardot absentee + attendee list does not equal the number of users in the Pardot registration list. Pulling a report from Zoom after the webinar ends shows the correct numbers, but they are not reflected in Pardot. We are using the Zoom/Pardot marketplace app for the connection. Please let me know what I can do to help solve this issue.



Hi @will.zoom - I am using also the Zoom/Pardot marketplace app for the connection.

Also available to provide more details.


Thank you @gilberto.charpentier and @jknupp,

Can you please open a request here and include the following:

  • Zoom Account owner’s email
  • Pardot owner’s email
  • Example Meeting IDs where you’re seeing the discrepancy
  • Screenshot of the pages where you’re grabbing the absentee numbers

Our team will further investigate.


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