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After configuring Zoom webinar registration form and Pardot, the default field - “Country/Region” is creating sync errors in the Pardot system. It is caused by mismatched values for the country fields in two systems. Where can I access the list of Zoom default Country field values? Is it possible to customize it?

(I called Zoom customer suppport but they directed me here so I can get attention from you fellow Zoom Developers.)


Which App?
Zoom Webinar - More - Integration - Generate Prospects in Pardot via Form Handlers (because the via Lists option didn’t allow us to have some actions we need in Pardot)

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It is changing my country to country code for now.

Additional context
Can we get this answered ASAP since the webinar we are doing is right around the corner? Thanks!

Hey @nliu,

You can see the list of supported country codes here:

Let me know if that helps fix the issue. :slight_smile:


Hey Tommy, @tommy

Thanks for replying back! That hasn’t fixed the issue.

Sorry if I was not clear above -
I am trying to understand:

  1. Why is the country field from the Zoom registration form is syncing over Country Codes instead of actual Country (text) values? (As shown in the screenshot above)
  2. Can we change that code value to customized country values?


Hey @nliu,

Thanks for the clarification. Our engineers are looking into this issue. (ZOOM-218753)

I will get back to you once we find the root cause. :slight_smile:


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Is there an update on this? We’re trying to set up a webinar and are running into the same issue, where country codes are being pushed from the Zoom registration form into Pardot rather than the picklist value the registrant selects on the registration form i.e GB instead of United Kingdom.

When Pardot tries to sync these registrations into Salesforce this is causing a sync error as Salesforce requires a country value.

Any help would be appreciated, as we’re having to use a lot of manual workarounds.

  • Siyaam

Hey @siyaam.zakriya,

Thanks for sharing your details of the issue. We are still investigating this. I will let this thread know when we have fixed the issue. :slight_smile:


Hey @nliu, @siyaam.zakriya,

The country values used are the same as what is provided from our APIs. The countries can be found here:

There is no way to customize what the integration pushes.


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