Custom questions from webinar registration form not populating fields in Pardot

I’m trying to configure the Zoom > Pardot integration for webinar registration with custom questions. I followed the instructions I found at

There are three custom questions on the Zoom registration form.

Here are the steps I have taken so far:

  1. Created a custom field in Pardot named custom_question.
  2. Opened the Zoom Marketplace and logged in.
  3. Searched for Pardot.
  4. Scrolled down to Manage > Configuration and clicked the Configure button.
  5. Clicked on Custom Field Mappings.
  6. Mapped Zoom Registration Field “custom_questions” to Pardot Custom Field “custom_question”.

Step 1 was done previously by some consultants about 3 years ago. When I navigate to Custom Fields in Pardot, I see three fields whose Field and Field API Name begin with “zoom_”. From the documentation I read, I understand that mapping the Pardot custom_questions field to the Pardot custom_question field should cause data to be synched from Pardot to the fields starting with “zoom_”. Here is what I see:

  1. Pardot – custom_question contains
    [{“title”:“School name”,“value”:“Klingon University”},{“title”:“Yearbook role”,“value”:“Other”},{“title”:“2022 yearbook printer”,“value”:“Walsworth”}]

  2. The field “2022 yearbookprinted” contains “Walsworth” as it should.

  3. The fields School Name and Title are blank.

Do I need to map the Zoom custom_questions field to each of the fields starting with Zoom or only map it to the Pardot custom_question field. I am aware that the Zoom field is plural while the Pardot field is not.

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