Partial Days of Data from Zoom Meeting API


I’m using the List Dashboard Meetings API to get a list of meetings from the prior day. I’m trying to change my functionality so that the API grabs smaller chunks. I’ve tried changing the from and to parameters to include timestamps, however the API always seems to truncate the parameters to the full date. Is there anyway to just pull partial day’s worth of data using this API?


Hi @seth.martin294 , are the timestamps in the following format: ‘yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm:ss’ ?

Hi Gianni,

Thank you for making me check my work. It turns out that I was dropping the preceding 0s out from the timestamp (so for example 2024-2-2), which was causing the odd behavior. When I added the 0s back in (such as 2024-02-02), it allowed the full timestamp as an input.

This solves my problem. Thanks again!

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