Participant api page_size and next_page_token are not being honored


This is actually two issues but may be related?

Our normal API requests are failing for a few months, since September at least, by not requesting the participants report with a page_size value of 300, but only getting 30 results back.

GET /v2/report/webinars/xxxxxxxx/participants

I get 30 results back, when I expect 117, and a next_page_token. When I request again the next page through the provided next_page_token, I get the same top 30 results back, with a new next_page_token, over and over again past the 117. It causes an infinite loop.

Happy to provide specific webinar IDs, I don’t have any way to test whether this issue is present on the meeting reports, as well.

Hi @it-admin
Thanks for reaching out to us.
I am happy to take a closer look into this.
I will go ahead and send you a private message so you can share more details with me.