Participant.invite.callout not working for interanational users

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Our use of the dial-out functionality from the API is completely unable to dial out to any country other than the United States.


Part of the issue is that we are not receiving an error from the API when the callout fails. Is it a formatting issue? Certain phone numbers just don’t work for some reason? We don’t know because the API returns a 202!

How To Reproduce
Steps to reproduce the behavior:
PATCH request to URL:{{meeting_id}}/events with
Headers: Content-Type: application/json, authorization: Bearer {{token}}
Request JSON Data: {“REQUEST_METHOD”:“PATCH”,“method”:“participant.invite.callout”,“meetingId”:“{{meeting_id}}”,“params”:{“invitee_name”:“John”,“phone_number”:“{{European Phone Number}}”,“invite_options”:{“require_greeting”:false,“require_pressing_one”:true}}}

2. Authentication method or app type

Server-to-Server Oauth

3. Any errors

No errors