Participant Join and Leave webhooks not received in correct order


We noticed that the participant join and leave webhooks were not appearing in correct order for webinars in a recent event we conducted.
Participants joined the webinars via zoom websdk (version 2.0.1) which we have integrated in our website.
For example, we had a participant who joined and left a webinar four times, I’d expect the webhooks to be received in order: Join, Leave, Join, Leave, Join, Leave, Join, Leave
But what we received was more like : Join Leave Join Join Leave Leave Join etc

I had a look at the attendee report generated by Zoom for the webinar.
In there I saw the same pattern.
I can see 4 distinct join/leave pairs …but they are not continuous.
Please see the attached snapshot ( I have redacted the name/email of the partipicant):

Could you please help me understand why this might happen?


Hi @jaydeepk454545 ,

I was not able to reproduce this experience. What webhook site are you using? Do the timestamps themselves match with when the participant actually left and joined the meeting?


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