Participant report rate limited


I’m using this api:{meeting-id}/participants labelled as heavy which have rate limit 60.000 call / day.

my daily call to zoom (total include all other apis) is only ~7.000 call/day which far below the threshold though each api have it’s own rate limit (as i read from documentation)

as zoom respond how many call left everytime we make api call I noticed that every 1 api call, the limit reduced significantly (reduced above ~100 every time make 1 api call).

is it expected behaviour? is there any dashboard to monitor api call?

Hi @edo
Thanks for reaching out to us and welcome to our Developer Community, I am happy to help here!
Even though all endpoints have different rate limits, they all accumulate towards the account. It is interesting that with 1 api call your limit is going -100 every time, but could it be the case that you are making a subsequent call using for example a next_page_token? these calls will also add to the daily limit.