Endpoint for meeting participant reports

After the last Zoom APIs update, the endpoint for meeting participant reports no longer responds as before and we are no longer able to reconstruct a report similar to the one we get from the web user interface.

In particular, the number of participants does not match and not all records are readed.

Which endpoint should we use to retrieve exactly the same data we see in the website user interface reports?

Alternatively, can we generate a download link for the reports? how?



Can you please clarify all the endpoints you’re querying so we can further investigate?

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Hi Gianni,

The endpoint that no longer works as before is:

At this time, the number of participants returned from this endpoint is not what we expect.

If we call the endpoint:


instead we get the number of lines we expect.

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Thank you! Can you please submit a support ticket with the full request and response bodies for each endpoint so we can investigate the discrepancy. This does not align with expected behavior.