Participants with duration 0 seconds

My application fetches participants on webinar.ended event. Lots of participants have duration 0 and start time equal to leave time. Some time later, those participants do get valid duration, start\leave times.

Is this expected behavior? If so, is there any way to determine when the participants data is complete?

Hey @hsintegration,

Thanks for reporting this, can you private message me the effected webinar IDs so I can look at the logs?


Hey @tommy! I’ve sent you a few webinar IDs. Thanks for looking into this issue.

If the bug is confirmed, it would be great if you could provide some fix ETA. We have quite a few customers who rely on participants data.

Hey @hsintegration,

Thanks for sending them, we will investigate asap. (ZOOM-152803)


Hey @hsintegration,

Are you still seeing this issue?

If so, please send me the latest webinar IDs so we can investigate. The old ones have expired and we didn’t get to check them in time.


Hey @tommy,

Yes, the issue is still relevant. I see lots of 0 duration participants across different webinars. Here are some of them logged yesterday:

  • Webinar ID 980874164, Webinar UUID 6DEOgA6dSseiWoI8uUid/w==, 13 participants
  • Webinar ID 414464025, Webinar UUID l6BU7+/9RZur59CxmbovVQ==, 12 participants
  • Webinar ID 554413955, Webinar UUID cTKqReJdR9qScXUh+hElpQ==, 11 participants
  • Webinar ID ***********, Webinar UUID WH6WDWnxRXez1FKsNDd9YQ==, 2 participants

These 0 duration participants are resolved in 30-60 min after webinar ends, e.g. they get valid duration and join\leave times.

Hope this helps, thank you!

*This post has been edited to remove any meeting / webinar IDs

Thanks @hsintegration,

This helps! Will get back to you asap.


Hi @tommy!

The issue is still relevant.

We have quite a few customers who rely on the “duration”. Is there any update?

Thank you!

Hey @hsintegration,

Apologies for the delays, I have asked engineering to prioritize this.

If you can provide any new webinar ID’s with the issue that would help.


Hi @tommy,

I’ve sent a list of webinars + actual participant details to you via email. All the participant reports in that list contain at least 1 participant with 0 duration.


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Thanks @hsintegration!

I have forwarded it to our engineers to take a look.