Passing values to Zoom when using OAuth

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Hi, we are looking to store how long a given user from our application is in a Zoom meeting hosted by us. (Authenticating with Zoom using own application). We are looking at creating an OAuth app and sending user info/data to Zoom (their name and email), making a request for meeting participants, and then running a program to identify our users in the Zoom reports and store in our database how long they were in a Zoom meeting hosted by us.

Is it possible for us to send any additional information (for example, unique id for the user) to make it easier for us to identify them in the Zoom report? Their email might be sufficient to identify and match them in the report, but I want to check just in case.


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Hi, @cedricgidget,

Thank you for posting in the Developer Forum. For your concern, please see this helpful Developer Forum Post and let me know if it helps:


Hi Donte,

Thank you, these resources are great! It seems like there may be several ways to do this.

The Zoom user_id seems useful, but I am a little confused about how to go about using in this use case.

In Mapping join and leave of participants webhook events with users on our application - #6 by tommy , it seems like it is recommended to use the meeting registration:

You could use meeting registration to create a unique join URL for all of your users. Then you can map your users easier via the registrant_id and user_id .

However, our users would potentially be joining several Zoom meetings hosted by us and this approach seems like it is meant for registering a user for a specific meeting. It also seems like the user_id is temporary and just for the meeting. Using email might be the way to go, at least for reports for meetings, as it seems this would allow us to map which of our users attended a given meeting, but it seems like this post you recommended that it is mentioned that it is possible to get the list of users who are in the meeting, which would be really great. However, it seems like this might require use of the registrant_id and the registration endpoint, which I cannot tell if it would work for our use case.

Do you have any advice for going about this? Thanks!

@cedricgidget If you wanted a list of users that were in the meeting, you can try using the Get Past Meeting Participants API which should provide you with the userโ€™s email. I think in most cases that will be the best way to track users that have installed your app across meetings.

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