PATCH Group Settings returning 300 error: Body should be valid JSON object

I’m having an issue trying to update a group settings using the PATCH API documented here

I use powershell to call these APIs using a S2S OAuth App
I’ve tried also using Postman, but whatever I try I get an error saying:

“Error 300: Request body should be a valid JSON object”

Using postman, I set the body as raw and selected JSON from the drop down.

I’ve pasted the json into 3 json format checkers online, all of which respond that it’s valid.
The json has been created by capturing the current settings of an existing group, so should be in the correct schema for passing to the PATCH call.


Does anyone else have a similar issue?
Any ideas on how to resolve it?

Okay, I seem to have made some progress on this.

There are a few keys that are returned on the GET call that aren’t supported on the PATCH call schema, and some that return a string value which should be an array of strings.

  1. "recording_storage_location">"allowed_values" : changed to an array of strings

  2. "in_meeting">"virtual_background_settings" : removed that array entirely as it’s not in the schema for the PATCH Call

  3. "in_meeting">"live_streaming_service" : changed into an array of strings (it’s an enum property.)

And I identified that the documentation for "in_meeting">"request_permission_to_unmute_participants" appears to be wrong, the value it says in the schema is "request_permission_to_unmute", which doesn’t return an error, but it doesn’t update anything when checking in the UI.

The GET call also returns the property name "request_permission_to_unmute_participants"

@philip.ross are you still facing the issue or were you able to resolve it?

Hi @ojus.zoom, thanks for replying,

I’m no longer getting an error if I manually amend the JSON obtained from a GET call, but I do have some follow up questions:

  1. Why does the GET response provide items in the JSON schema that the PATCH call rejects?
    Examples for this are:
  • "telephony": {"telephony_regions" array

  • "in_meeting": {"virtual_background_settings" array

  1. Is it possible to perform some sort of debug call to provide a debug response to Zoom APIs? I was speaking to a friend about this problem and they work on ServiceNow APIs a lot, and asked me if there was a debug option. ServiceNow documentation is here

  2. This stemmed from the need to copy a group and it’s existing settings. Would it be possible to get an API setup specifically for this so we can use that, instead of creating a group, then setting the options based on a GET call response?

  3. The Zoom documentation for updating a group settings has an attribute listed as "request_permission_to_unmute", however when performing a GET call, this attribute is listed as "request_permission_to_unmute_participants".
    When calling request_permission_to_unmute" there’s no error thrown, but no changes are seen in the group settings in the UI.
    If I call request_permission_to_unmute_participants", again no error is thrown and the changes do reflect in the UI, suggesting the documentation is wrong?

Looping @elisa.zoom also in here, as I sent her an email on this earlier this week.


Hi @philip.ross
Hope you are doing fine!
I saw your email! Will follow up there to schedule something!

@ojus.zoom I will take care of this issue :slight_smile:

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