Permission error 403 when downloading voicemail through returned download_url

We are having problem downloading voicemail through returned download_url.

We use list voicemail end point to get all the voicemails -

This returned json response has a field called “download_url”

When we try to download voicemail using this download_url we get following error

“code”: 403,
“message”: “You do not have permission.”

We are using the same Authorization header for getting list of voicemails and for downloading the voicemail.

Hi @kannantl , this sounds similar to a permissions error we sometimes see for cloud recording. Check out this section of this blog for troubleshooting: Optimize Zoom cloud recording workflows -- guidance and tips for developers for extracting data-rich AI-powered insights

Thanks @gianni.zoom for the reply. What permission is needed for downloading voicemails? We are using API ( with bearer token to get list of voicemails. We are using the same token to download the voicemail.

Hi @kannantl , I don’t see that endpoint here: Zoom Phone API

Could you please share the direct link?

The prereqs on each API endpoint page share the account type and scopes needed which helps clarify permissions. E.x. whether only an admin with the specific scope will be able to retrieve info via that endpoint.

Please look at the detailed response documentation as well.