Voice Mails endpoint returning duplicate entries

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When querying the Voice Mails endpoint to get account voicemails, duplicate entries are returned, and an extra page than is expected. This is based on the ‘page_size’ provided and the ‘total_records’ count in the response object.
For example, if 1 page is expected, 2 are returned. If 5 pages are expected, 6 are returned.

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There’s no error message, but for example, if the response object’s ‘total_records’ is 117, the actual number of records returned is 234, with the duplicates having the same values for all fields, such as ‘id’, ‘caller_number’, ‘duration’, ‘date_time’, ‘download_url’.

How To Reproduce
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1. Request URL / Headers (without credentials or sensitive info like emails, uuid, etc.) / Body
Request URL: https://api.zoom.us/v2/phone/voice_mails
“params”: {
“page_size”: 300
,“to”: “2022-07-28”
,“from”: “2022-07-27”

2. Authentication method or app type
Zoom Phone Server-to-Server OAuth 2.0
3. Any errors
No HTTP errors returned. I believe the errors are the duplicate records.

Attempting to bump this.

Hi @steven.raigoza ,

Thank you for your patience–we did not mean to miss this! Could you please share screenshots with any sensitive information obscured?

Thank you!

Hi @gianni.zoom ,
Thank you for your reply, I opened ticket #15442686. Perhaps we should handle it there, but let me know if you have a different opinion.

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Hi @steven.raigoza , that’s fine! Looking forward to the team helping you to get that resolved :slight_smile: