Permission issue while downloading voicemail

Hi Team,

We have been facing a permission problem while downloading the voice mails. We have an API that takes download_url and access_token and in return, it downloads the voicemail. This API seems to work properly before but somehow now it giving this error:

“code”:403,“message”:“You do not have permission.”

The App is of OAuth Type and it’s Account Level App.

All the other ZOOM APIs work fine!

Here is the c# code:
using (RestClient restClient = new RestClient(download_url))
RestRequest restRequest = new RestRequest();
restRequest.AddHeader(“Authorization”, string.Format(“Bearer {0}”, accessToken));

                    var response = await restClient.ExecuteAsync(restRequest);


Getting this “code”:403,“message”:“You do not have permission.” while downloading voicemail.

Hi @amaheshwari

Can you please share with me the endpoints you are calling when getting the Error so I can debug this issue further



API Endpoint:
with an access token, passed as a Header:
Header= (Authorization : Bearer access_token)

THANKS @amaheshwari
Allow me some time to do some testing on my end and I will come back to you with an update shortly


Hi @amaheshwari
I am not able to replicate the error on my end. I was able to download the voicemail with no issues.

Could you please report this issue with support here so they can take a look to your account settings:

Hi @elisa.zoom

I have created a support ticket for the same. TicketID is #14770962. Please help.

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I will take a look into that @amaheshwari

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