Permissions required to import recordings from Zoom to Google Drive

In the Zoom API, I have not been able to identify if it is necessary to have the accesses of each user (user and password) to import their recordings or if a zoom administrator access is enough?. You can inform me a little more on this point. Thank you

Additional context
My company is evaluating the development of an application to import the zoom recordings of all users to our Google Drive accounts. We are a GSuite organization.

Hey @app2,

You would not need the email and password of the user, you can use the Zoom Recording APIs and Webhooks.

Let me know if you have any additional questions! :slight_smile:


Thanks Tommy, but what happend if I need to get all the recordings all the organization by one access (admin), because we have 300 accounts and we can’t do it 1 by 1 at the moment. Can we do it in a “massive way”, just with a Zoom admin account?