Is it possible to get participants details and recordings in user level app

Ours is learning app, so Admin and Manager can schedule a meeting separately with their own account. As of now, it’s working fine. But we wanted to get the participants details and recording list. It’s not possible with user level scope. So i created a Account level app, but with that only admin can install app. It won’t work for our scenario. If we are using one account multiple places, meetings will get conflicted. So we need allow the respective manager and admin can sign in with their account. What’s the best way to solve this issue. Because i need manager & admin to use their own account scheduling and api to get participant details and recording, for this which account type i need use?


Happy to help guide you. To confirm, are you looking to retrieve details on participants and recordings for any user/meetings hosted under your account, or are you interested in retrieving these details under any Zoom account?

Depending on which, I can help point you in the right direction.


We are looking for a solution where we can access participants and recordings details under any zoom account.

Thanks for confirming,!

In that case, OAuth is the correct authorization method to utilize—you will need to choose between a user level or account level app, however. Note that there are some key differences to keep in mind. An admin or account owner will need to install an account-level app. Any Zoom member will be able to install a user-level app.

If you choose a user-level app, you will have access to the List Recordings API on an individual user level:

Alternatively, if you choose an account level app, you will also have access to the List Account’s Recordings on an account level:

For participant info, you can call our reporting or dashboard APIs—note that these two endpoints require an account level app:

I hope this helps!

Actually we want user managed apps, because in our scenario any manager in particular organisation can connect with their zoom account and they can create a meeting. Now only problem is we are not able to get participant details(Scope not available). We can’t use account level apps, because it will clash the meeting of manager if it’s a one account. Can you help me with scenario.


If you need to use user-level scopes but still want to receive participant details, I might recommend checking out our Participant Joined/Left webhooks:

These events provide the same details as the account level endpoints, but don’t require an account level app.


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